Pet Of The Month - Dora


Hi, my name is Dora. I started my life as a stray and it was at that time I met my human, Miss Wanda. Every morning when she would go to her car, my siblings and I would come running because we knew she would feed us - AND SHE DID!

Not too long ago she put out a cage and caught us. She told us that she had to stop feeding the strays or the apartment complex was going to evict her. My three brothers and one pregnant sister disappeared after she caught them but I heard that the Cat Adoption program at Family Vet Practice took them in and that made me very happy. Miss Wanda decided to take me into HER family because I am so aDORAble! Little did she know I, too, was pregnant. :-)

On May 5, 2011, I gave birth to three sweet kitties. Miss Wanda has not named them because she is hoping to find good homes for them (with the help of the Family Vet Cat Adoption program, of course) and knows their new humans will want to name them. Right now we are just calling them: Big Boy, Little Boy, and Little Girl. The boys are orange and the girl is going to look like me, a diffused tortoise-shell. Aren't they sweet?




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